Plane Pong Delays Island Flyer

jackie pritchardIf you’d lived in Scilly since the 1960s, you’d be used to the occasional flight disruption.

But St Mary’s resident and seasoned traveller Jackie Pritchard has just had a journey cancelled due to a problem she’s never encountered before.

Jackie was traveling from Heathrow to Dubai on 12th March for her grandson Tobias’ 6th birthday party when her British Airways flight had to turn back to London over Belgium.

It was because of an overpowering smell of poo on board. The abandoned flight made international headlines when the loo problem led to an unbearable pong.

Jackie said it was making people feel unwell so they had no choice but to turn around.

She realised something was wrong when, an hour into the flight, no one had come around with any drinks or food.

The pilot apologised and told them the bad news. He also reassured them there was nothing mechanical affecting the plane.

Jackie says she was full of praise for airline staff who couldn’t have done more to help. They were put up at the swanky Sofitel next to the airport terminal and even opened the kitchens specially to feed the hungry passengers.

Jackie missed the birthday party in Dubai but was rebooked onto another flight at 1pm the next day, armed with £100 in compensation.