Art Expert Credits Success To His Scilly Childhood

neville wakefieldA British art expert who’s been creating a stir in the States has credited his success to his childhood in Scilly.

A profile of Neville Wakefield has appeared in last weekend’s New York Times.

Neville is the son of the renowned potter Humfrey Wakefield, who died in 2010. His mum, artist Helena, still lives at Newman House on the Garrison.

The article by Stephen Squibb features pictures of his late father at work and of Neville being taken to school on St Mary’s in a donkey cart.

He says his father taught him to “spot the difference between art and utilitarian craft,” which launched him on his career in the art world.

Neville Wakefield is described as a ‘jack-of-all-creative-trades.’

He moved to New York in 1991, curating cutting-edge art collections and even commissioned sculptures for Playboy magazine.

He’s also worked in fashion, designing a $7,500 aluminium suitcase.

And Neville has recently become something of a celebrity on the other side of the Atlantic, being romantically linked to the actress Minnie Driver.

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