Scilly To Feature In First Great Western Promotions

new sleeper trainScilly will be promoted throughout the First Great Western network. And the Executive Director of the Islands’ Partnership says they are working together to make the railway service more attractive to our visitors.

David Jackson says he had a “positive meeting” with the company last week.

David says First great Western are keen to “re-engage” with Scilly more generally because they see it is one of their biggest selling destinations.

They’ll highlight holiday destinations accessible using their service, and a leaflet advertising Scilly will be distributed on their trains and at stations later this year.

Joint train and flight deals for travel to the islands have been available previously but buying an overnight sleeper berth hasn’t been straightforward.

That will change when their website is upgraded to allow through-ticket purchases and more sleeper service options.

David says this will be introduced in tandem with enhanced train facilities.

From April, First Great Western are gradually updating their sleeper service and will be adding a newly refitted carriage every month.

He says that will provide a 21st century service, which will be fantastic for Scilly.

Some travellers have voiced their frustration over timetabling which doesn’t allow enough time to reach the Scillonian when arriving from the sleeper train at Penzance.

David says it is something he’s discussing with First Great Western and the Steamship Company and he hopes there’ll be better connectivity by the start of the 2016 season.

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