Conservative Candidate Says Transport Improvements Now Need To Focus On Penzance

Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas

The Conservative candidate hoping to become Scilly’s next MP says Penzance needs to be the focus of better transport links to the islands.

Derek Thomas told Radio Scilly that improving the Scillonian III passenger and freight experience, and the cost, is his number one priority.

Derek says as an MP, he can have limited influence on the ticket price, but improving the overall passenger experience will increase traveller numbers and keep fares low.

He says it’s “not a huge expense to go on the Scillonian III ” and that if he’s driving to London, he’ll be paying a similar figure.

Derek says he’s keen to regenerate the whole Mount’s Bay area, including improvements to the quay in Penzance where the Scillonian docks.

He says there are lots of things that can be done to improve the current situation there, with overtopping in poor weather and forklift trucks driving close to passengers.

Derek feels that Scilly and Penzance are linked and it will be mutually beneficial to both economies to get it right on the mainland.

We want visitors to spend some money in Penzance on their way to Scilly, says Derek, so it’s in everyone’s interest to present the best possible facilities.

Derek is hoping that better transport links will also encourage more companies to relocate to the area and bring skilled jobs with them.

He says he recently visited Skybus’s operations at Land’s End and while a huge amount of investment has gone in to the site, they can’t get the skilled workers they need.

Derek will be coming to Scilly in April to talk to people on their doorsteps. He says he prefers this approach because he can find out privately about people’s concerns.

And while there are no plans yet to bring any “big guns” down from the Conservative party to help drum up support in the marginal seat, he says these things usually happen at the last minute.

This is the list of all of the candidates for the General Election in the St Ives constituency which covers Scilly:
Tim Andrewes – Green Party
Graham Calderwood – UK Independence Party
Andrew George – Liberal Democrats
Cornelius Olivier – Labour Party
Rob Simmons –  Mebyon Kernow
Derek Thomas – Conservative Party

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