Devon and Cornwall Police Agree Alliance With Neighbouring Dorset

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg

Devon and Cornwall Police have agreed an alliance with neighbouring Dorset Police.

It’s not a merger and regional control will be maintained, but is intended to save millions across the two constabularies through closer working arrangements.

Over the next year staff will assess whether some operations can be outsourced.

This region’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg says budgets have been cut and this partnership should save cash.

Mr Hogg says the force has delivered substantial savings over the last four years – £50m out of a total budget of £300m. But he says the government are now effectively telling them to “do it again.”

That means there’ll be a £41m funding gap and working with Dorset should bring in around £12m of savings. The rest is coming from the organisation’s reserves.

In February, Area Commander Supt Jim Pearce told Councillor that there are no plans to reduce the number of police officers on the islands for the time being, despite the need to make big savings from the force budgets.