Popular Baking Sessions Starting Again This Season

keffeehaus baking courseIslanders have another chance to brush up on their baking skills this season, as the popular courses, which launched on St Mary’s last summer, will begin again on Wednesday 1st April.

And it’ll be a last chance to learn from expert Lynne Miller, as she’ll be leaving Scilly in the autumn when her husband Paul retires from the Parish Church.

Sabine Schraudolph owns the Kaffehaus, the venue for the sessions.

Sabine says they’ll focus on cakes that you can make quickly and easily at home, such as muffins and courgette cake.

And the cake baking classes won’t be just for adults. Sabine says they proved popular with families last year.

Sabine says most of last year’s lessons tended to attract women, with one exception – the bread-making course was very popular with the men.

Wednesday’s session is on between 10.30am and 1.30pm and costs £15 including refreshments. You need to book on 422 440.