MP Says South West Water Interested In Running Scilly’s Supply

MP Andrew George

MP Andrew George

Scilly’s MP says South West Water is interested in taking on Scilly’s water and sewerage infrastructure.

Andrew George says he’s had discussions with the company’s Chief Executive, Chris Loughlin, who has indicated that he would ‘look favourably’ at any approach by the Council.

Andrew says the cost of running our water and sewage systems would be “a drop in the ocean” for the company and they could easily absorb us into their investment plans.

And he says he’ll be encouraging the Council, the Duchy, Tresco and local residents to consider this option.

Andrew says there needs to be multimillion pound levels of investment to bring our water infrastructure up to scratch and it will challenging for the islands to manage that on our.

He said he’s still seeking government support to meet those costs.

But privatising Scilly’s services “25 years later than the mainland” could be the best option financially, he says.

Andrew feels that South West Water “has been in this game long enough” to know that the government wouldn’t fully underwrite the investment needed to upgrade our infrastructure.

Defra will be looking to the company to provide the capital, he says.

Andrew says local water rate payers should have the final decision.

They need to have confidence in the service, he says, whether it’s run by South West Water or by the Council.

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