Theatre Club Auditioning For Summer Play

theatre town hallSt Mary’s Theatre Club will shape their summer show around their cast’s commitments, because the most important thing is putting on the play. That’s the view of Director Kevin Leeman.

Staging the production has become a greater challenge because many members are busy in the height of the season.

This evening there’s the first of three try-outs for the six roles on offer in the club’s interpretation of Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Table Manners.’

It’s a comedy centred on the character Norman, a womaniser, and his relatives.

Although it’s written in the 1970s, Kevin hasn’t decided which time period to set it in yet.

Recently the club has found some potential new performers during their successful open evening at the Scillonian Club.

But Kevin says all the roles, for the three men and three women, are yet to be cast.

There’s an audition at the Town Hall tonight from 7pm, then again tomorrow and also on Wednesday the 1st April.

And Kevin says auditioning isn’t a scary process. He says there won’t be a big group of people sitting in front of a table judging your performance.

It will be a more relaxed reading of the different parts, to see who best fits the roles.

Kevin doesn’t want you to be dissuaded from trying out tonight just because you’re planning a summer break away from the islands.

He says the performance dates are totally flexible and will be based around the cast’s calendars.

The Council says they need to undertake a survey of the lifting and mechanical equipment used around the Town Hall stage and Kevin says that could influence where and how the show is staged.

That could mean avoiding the stage area at the Town Hall and performing ‘in the round’ or using several different venues.