New Dutch Gig To Be Blessed In Scilly

Anton Mulder with the new gig under construction

Anton Mulder with the new gig under construction

A new gig will be blessed and launched on Town Beach during gig weekend.

Canon Paul Miller has been asked to perform the service on 1st May for a visiting Dutch crew.

The new boat is being built for the Royal Dutch Sailing and Rowing Club, based on the Ijsselmeer lake near Amsterdam.

Boat builder Anton Mulder has been crafting it out of oak since October. It’s being built to Cornish Pilot Gig Association specifications.

The club hasn’t finalised the name of the boat yet.

Anton’s wife, Kitty Mulder, says they wanted Canon Miller to bless the gig because they hope it will bring good luck in the championships.

And Paul has planned the ceremony to start with the sprinkling of special water, brought back from a trip to the River Jordan. He says it adds a bit more significance to the event.

Paul has blessed a gig before and expects the dedication service will then continue with prayers, giving thanks to those who built the vessel, the coxswain and the crew.

He says the last time he blessed a boat it attracted a crowd and he’s looking forward to it.

Kitty says her fellow crewmembers love coming to Scilly and are just counting down the days until the start of the championships.