Tribute To Former St Mary’s Resident

brian homer

Brian Homer during his time in Scilly

A man who spent much of his earlier life in Scilly has passed away.

Brian Homer lived on St Mary´s for 14 years from 1962. He was the local electrician and one of the original crew of the Sussex gig.

His wife Audrey says the islands were a big part of his life and he often referred back to stories of his time there.

She described him as “a loveable rogue” and said he was well known on the islands.

He would often recall the tales of of his run away donkey, his fishing trips and love of an odd tipple here and there, says Audrey.

Three of his children – Matthew, Roger and Nicky – were also born on St Marys.

Unfortunately Brian, who was 73, died in Spain on 4th March after a 9-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Audrey says he fought it and lived his life to the full right to the end.

As well as his wife, he leaves behind six children and four grandchildren.

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