Mystery Vessel Investigated Off Scilly

Harbourmaster's boat Pegasus

Harbourmaster’s boat Pegasus

Harbour staff went to investigate a mystery boat that was seen next to the Bartholomew Beacon yesterday.

The vessel, which was 80m long and large enough to have a helipad on board, would normally use pilotage to enter St Mary’s Sound. But the Irish-registered Granuaile III didn’t make contact with the harbourmaster before arriving in Scilly.

Staff quickly cleared up the mystery.

Trinity House had contracted out a maritime marker repair job to their Southern Ireland counterparts, the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

It’s the first time they’ve been used here.

They were hired because one of the Trinity House vessels usually used in Scilly, the THV Patricia, is in dry dock in Hull.

The maintenance crew left after lunch having replaced the light on the installation.