School Pupils Getting Two Days Of Safety Advice

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Five Islands School pupils will get the facts about drug and alcohol misuse and the dangers of the internet.

Organisations including YZUP, the organisation that provides support and advice on substances, will join police officers from Scilly and Cornwall for the workshops.

Over the next two days, children from nursery classes through to year 11 will receive age-appropriate guidance on going online.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says it’s a ‘Safety Day’ and that theme will run through all the advice offered.

Colin says children will find out about personal and financial security while online, and get information about how to tackle bullying.

PC Tracey Fuller, who comes over regularly to help with Citizenship Week, will offer first aid advice to the kids.

He’ll be accompanied by his son, who is also a Police officer, to present the Heartstart course.

That offers tips on dealing with an unconscious person, spotting the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and how to perform CPR.

Parents and interested adults will also be able to call in to the school’s performance hall to learn more between 4pm and 6pm today.

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