Vehicle Roadworthiness Continues To Improve In Scilly

police landrover backThe owners of 36 vehicles have been told to address defects as part of last week’s roadworthiness checks by police.

Traffic office Mike Gamble spent four days on St Mary’s checking cars and commercials.

Sgt Colin Taylor says most of the faults, such as tyre problems and worn wiper blades, can be remedied easily.

But he says commercial and public service vehicles can be prohibited for a temporary period until the faults are fixed. One vehicle, the community bus, is no longer on the islands.

Colin says his mainland colleague feels standards are improving year-on-year.

More vehicles were inspected this year. That included ones parked at the roadside, says Colin, which their owners wouldn’t even know had been looked at, and all were found to be roadworthy.

Next time the vehicle checks take place, a card will be placed on the windscreen to tell owners that their car has passed the inspection.

PC Gamble was unable to visit the off-islands this time, as he lost a day of his intended visit due to fog, which stranded him in Cornwall.

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