Construction On Well Cross Affordable Homes Finally Underway

the strand 3The Chief Executive of the housing association building two affordable homes on St Mary’s is pleased that the work is finally underway.

Peter Moore from Cornwall Rural Housing Association says islanders should be able to move in to Well Cross Yard early in the New Year.

There’ll be a two-bedroom bungalow and another with a single bedroom, and Peter thinks the section 106 homes could be suitable for islanders wishing to downsize.

He says anyone thinking of renting one of the properties should contact the Council to express their interest.

The project has been beset by legal and planning problems, leading to long delays. The application was first made in 2007 but funding wasn’t available then.

When plans went public in 2013, neighbours complained about the design and loss of privacy.

That led the housing association to withdraw their application so architects could amend it.

Councillors had been worried that the delays would jeopardise the £280,000 grant offered by the Homes and Communities Agency. So they agreed to use their existing social housing funds to plug any shortfall.

Peter is confident that the construction will be complete by Christmas, even though the busy tourist season will limit accommodation for contractors. He says the company appointed to do the work has already made the necessary bookings.

He says he’ll ask councillors to suggest a name for the development, which lies within Tom Chudleigh’s former boatyard.

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