Tresco Spa Inspires New Direction For Scilly Composer

Piers Lewin

Piers Lewin

Being able to practice yoga in the peace and quiet of Scilly will be some people’s idea of heaven.

Now, Bryony Lishman’s weekly yoga classes will be getting their very own islands-produced backing music, created by St Agnes composer and musician Piers Lewin.

Piers, a regular at Bryony’s sessions, says the idea came to him while he was holiday on Tresco.

He says the “fairly standard plinky plonky music” was playing in the spa and he felt it would be nice to have something more locally-flavoured.

Piers is a member of the Rough Island Band, so is more used to creating faster, rousing folk music.

He says he was attracted by the challenge of composing “a whole new world” of longer and slower tracks, mainly using electronic techniques.

“You have to strike balance between music that isn’t too distracting, yet is interesting enough to listen to in its own right,” says Piers.

Piers says when he moved to Scilly, he was stunned by the lack of the normal background sounds of the mainland.

“I could hear the sea and the wind,” says Piers.

So he’s recorded those natural sounds and used them musically.

Noises he’s sampled included granite striking granite, footsteps in the sand and chains clanking on Periglis quay.

The first track, ‘Old Man of Gugh’ used sounds recorded on that island. Piers says this “roots” the music to the location.

He says it hasn’t been a lonely experience working on the tracks over the winter because he’s been collaborating with a music producer friend. Those skills were as important as the composing and playing for this type of music, he says.

And Piers thinks there may be a market for more yoga-inspired music.

His album, called ‘The Five Elements’ will be released at the end of March and available wherever the Rough Island Band CDs are sold.