Future Of St Mary’s Airport Café Up In The Air

Carol and Nigel at the Airfayre Lounge

Carol and Nigel at the Airfayre Lounge

The future of the café at St Mary’s airport is up in the air after Nigel Young and Carol Drage have announced their intention to end their operation of the facility.

The couple have a lease from the Council and will leave in August, or potentially sooner if someone else wants to take it on.

They’ve operated the Airfayre Lounge for nine years and Nigel says they’ve both agreed that it is time to move on.

He’s now reached 60 and he says they want the time to enjoy their life in Scilly.

Carol, who has a nursing background, has been appointed to a role at the Health Centre from April.

There’s been some debate about the quality of the remodelled terminal and how cold it is.

Nigel admits it’s “not the best designed building” and is “a bit draughty” but that hasn’t been a consideration in their decision, which they made 18 months ago.

He says anyone taking on the café in the future will need to be committed and enjoy being “on your feet for twelve hours a day.” It’s not hard work, he says, but you’re constantly on the go.

But Nigel says he’s loved the work and would happily continue there for a few days a week working for the next operator.

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