American Gig Team Will Be Coming To Championships

gloucester gig clubTwo American gig crew have confirmed that they are coming to Scilly for the championship weekend.

Their flights and hire cars are booked after islanders offered them accommodation following a Radio Scilly appeal.

Michael Leviseur relocated to Massachusetts last year and he’s been keen for the US club to come over.

He says islanders have been amazingly supportive. Everyone has been accommodated and the Ladies team have been loaned the St Mary’s gig Slippen for the weekend.

Michael says his crew have been blown away by the locals’ generosity to total strangers after hearing their appeal.

Michael’s son serves with the Royal Navy and has limited leave, which could make attendance tricky if he relied on scheduled flights.

But he says the Marines have offered to take him off his ship by landing craft to Plymouth so he can attend.

And there could be more US-based competitors coming over in future years.

A member of the Gloucester Rowing Club, Bonnie Brugger, met with the US Association yesterday. They want to include gig rowing under their umbrella.

Bonnie says there’s a growing interest in the sport and Scilly.

She says the rowers are looking forward to the excitement of the championships, and especially coming to the islands, which has so much gig rowing history associated with it.