School Pupils Encourage Drivers To Use Alternative Route

school traffic 2Five Islands School primary pupils tried to encourage drivers to avoid the road through Nowhere yesterday.

St Mary’s Police arranged for Year 6 students to hold a ‘route watch’ exercise.

The children stopped drivers and asked them to consider using the Parting Carn road, particularly during the ‘red’ times of 8.30am to 9.15 am and 3.30pm to 4pm, when pupils are likely to be using the road.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the pupils worked in teams during the exercise.

One group used a speed gun to check the speed of drivers, while a second group spoke to drivers and asked questions about why they use that route and if they’d consider using the alternative at busy times.

St Mary’s speed limit is 60mph and Colin says 28mph was the fastest driver clocked by the speed guns that the pupils used.

But the police would like slower driving, between 15 and 20mph, past the school entrance.

The pupils gave bunches of daffodils to the drivers to thank them for taking part in the survey.

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