Councillors Concerned Over Potential Airport Insurance Claims

airport nov 2014Councillors are concerned that design problems with the new airport terminal could bring costly accident claims.

During a debate on airport fees at the Full Council meeting on Monday, Cllr Richard McCarthy said a number of people had tripped up while leaving the airport.

He felt that was a potential insurance risk to the authority.

And earlier in the meeting, Cllr Christine Savill told members that the insurance excess at the airport was now £15,000.

Safety issues with the new airport car park at the front of the terminal have been raised in previous meetings.

In last September’s Transport Committee, Cllr Adrian Davis described the design as “a backwards step” and “an accident waiting to happen.”

Instead of having a circular route for vehicles through the area, they now have to drive into a bay and then reverse out again.

Prominent yellow lines have also been painted on the high kerbs in the parking area to mark their location for pedestrians.

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