Additional Funding May be Needed To Complete St Mary’s Quay Work

st marys quay harbourside1An extra £2m may be needed to finish the St Mary’s Quay widening and extension project.

Radio Scilly has learned that Cornwall Council discussed additional government funding with the Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander when he visited West Cornwall recently.

The mainland authority, which is overseeing the works, says that no formal request for additional funding has been made at this time. But they have confirmed that the Department for Transport is being informed on the potential impact on the delivery of the scheme.

They’ve got a problem following the discovery of contaminated material in silt and sand between Rat Island and the seawall adjacent to the Mermaid car park.

Nobody expected to find it there and the project team have had to develop a revised plan that avoids disturbing the material, which could potentially disperse the pollutants.

They’ll also have to gain new approvals before the work can restart.

Cornwall Council says that the widening works “will take considerably longer than anticipated.”

They say that they are working with the community, including the Duchy of Cornwall, Islands’ Partnership, Harbourmaster and Steamship Company, to seek to minimise any disruption, especially during the season.

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