Men-Only Social Meetings Proving Popular

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

The monthly men-only meetings at The Manse are proving popular.

Reverend Charlie Gibbs says he arranged the first session in February, which got 32 attendees, because he thinks it is important that members of the community talk to each other.

Charlie says he’s been pleased with the turnout and the range of people who have been to the first two socials.

“There was a real buzz,” he said.

Charlie says the range of discussion topics has been wide, from local politics to motorbikes, marriage and model railways!

And he feels the sessions are meeting a real need in the community. Some of the men who attend don’t get out a lot, he said, and it’s a chance to chat with each other.

Charlie originally only intending hosting the 90-minute meetings in winter but he’s open to suggestions if islanders want them year round.

The next event will be at the start of April.