US Rowers ‘Desperate’ For Help With Gig Champs Accommodation

gloucester gig clubScilly’s World Pilot Gig Championships will be an international event again this spring – but only if you can help find accommodation for the American rowers.

A men’s crew and a group of women veterans rowers want to come over from the United States, but they need somewhere to stay.

The rowers have been practicing on the other side of the Atlantic from their base in Gloucester in Massachusetts, the town where the George Clooney film “The Perfect Storm” was set.

Michael Levisuer is leading the group. He’s English and now works in New England.

He rowed when he was in Cambridge and also in the Dartmouth Regatta, and he’s been training with his US club, which boasts over 100 members, since last April.

The name of their championship crew is undecided and Michael thinks the ‘US National Gig Rowing Team’ has a ring to it.

But it may be the more modest ‘Gloucester Rowers,’ although he accepts that sounds like they’ve just travelled down from the River Severn, rather than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic.

Michael says their rowers are used to tough conditions, including freezing conditions along the Atlantic coast.

If the Americans can find accommodation they’ll take part in the championships using gigs borrowed from the Mevagissey and Devoran clubs.

And Michael says the rowers are completely aware of what to expect from the islands. He says they’ve often got videos of previous gig championships playing on the video screens while they’re training on the rowing machines in winter.

“They’re desperate to get over,” he said.

If you can offer somewhere for the rowers to stay, and they don’t expect to be accommodated together, please let us know at Radio Scilly.