Old Photos Feature In Theatre Club Social Evening

theatre club social Mar 2015The Chairman of St Mary’s Theatre Club says their cheese and wine event on Friday was a success and they’ll do it again in the future.

The get together was designed to showcase their work and recruit new members.

Gail Sibley says that worked, and four new recruits came forward. Three were interested in volunteering behind the scenes with the other one keen to perform on stage.

The session at the Scillonian Club featured scrapbooks, DVD footage and images from productions stretching back to the 1970s.

Gail says it was fascinating to see the number of locals who have been involved and how some of the key players have or have not changed over the years.

Mo Love from the club says members were delighted to receive the surprise collection of photographs for the archives and they are indebted to the Museum for help with digitising those for the records.

Gail says there’ll be another chance to discuss ideas for the club at the AGM and the date should be set soon.

The club has been asked to help run another murder mystery night and it is something that they could help with in the autumn.