Information Bulletin St Mary’s Harbour Improvement works – from Kier

Kier has given Radio Scilly and Scilly Today and update on St Mary’s Quay works.

Quay Extension

Pre-casting works on the Quay Extension concrete blocks is continuing in Plymouth.

The recent poor spell of weather has severely hampered the dredging operation, however Kier

have now mobilised sufficient resources in order to work 24hrs on the dredging operation. Kier

have also mobilised an additional barge with greater loading capacity in order to reduce

dependence on tides. This new barge is due this week and has an excavator mounted on it and

can be beached either on Porthmellon or Porthloo. This excavator will then, in conjunction with

the front loader, offload the dredged material into dumpers and taken to Porthloo.

Kier anticipate another week to 10 days of dredging, weather permitting.

The area at Porthloo has been reduced in size to provide access for the sea defence works

being carried out by the Duchy of Cornwall. As such Kier may have to raise the height of the

storage area until those works are completed, after which they can spread the stored material and

reduce the height back down to less than 2m. The material is be used as fill in the quay

extension and the Duchy has also requested that any suitable surplus be used for the second

phase of the sea defence works.

Kier will assemble our installation frame for the quay extension on the beach of Porthloo once

the dredge works are completed. This frame will then be floated out to the quay and lowered into


The Jack-up barge has arrived and this week our crane barge will return from Falmouth and the

crane will be transferred onto the jack-up.

Works in this area are still scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2015.

Quay Widening

The detailed design of the revised quay widening foundation is progressing and the MMO

continue with their review of the proposed foundation solution, and the approval of a licence

variation to cover these works . Production of the precast blocks is under way in Plymouth

however works on site will not commence until the MMO license has been granted. This is not

now anticipated till the end of April. Originally this was expected at the end of March, and the

information has been submitted to comply with this. However, the MMO are now citing a 3 to 4

week delay due to excessive demand and holidays. However Kier will press for resolution as

soon as possible

It is recognised that this work will be proceeding through the busy summer period and Kier will

work with the project team and the community to seek to minimise the impact of this element of

the works, mindful of the needs of the Island to function as a popular tourist destination. Regular

stakeholder meetings are held, where the views and needs of the community can be heard and

addressed. Kier say that they are pleased that a representative from the Islands partnership now attends, as

well as the Duchy of Cornwall, ISSCo and Harbourmaster.

Harbourside building refurbishment works

The area where the old ticket office stood has now been concreted and next week the temporary

freight office will be relocated such that it can also function as ticket office ready for when the

Scillonian recommences on the 16 March. Construction on the new ticket office is progressing

and is due to be completed in June.

Most of the pedestrian footpath has now been broken out and by the end of the week it will be

concreted to ensure that it can be continued to be used. Some additional service ducting is

required by the Duchy of Cornwall along the quay. Only small sections of the walkaway will be

closed off at any one time time to allow the additional excavation to be carried out.

The new paving slabs have now been approved by the planning Officer. The materials have

therefore now been ordered and are due on site by the middle of April. We will then commence

the repaving in 10m sections, to again maintain use by visitors and other quay users

The strip footing for the new balcony/covered walkway to the front of the HSB will commence

next week, beginning with the determination of the location of the fuel line and saw-cutting of the

concrete ready for breaking out in sections.

Works on the freight store and new chiller store foundation will also commence next week and

this includes breaking out for the foundations to the rear of the Harbourside Building.

Downtime –

On Sunday 22 February Kier carried out a beach clean-up exercise on the town beach with 8

workers and they will continue to undertake such activities during downtime.