First Arrest Of Year For Alleged Drink Driving

police station 4St Mary’s Police have arrested a motorist following a roadside breath test on Friday evening.

It’s the first alleged drink-driving case this year.

Officers made the arrest at Parting Carn around dinnertime, during routine checks on whether drivers were using seatbelts.

A local man in his 40s was taken to St Mary’s police station where a blood sample was taken.

That will be sent to the mainland to determine whether he was over the drink drive limit.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says his team is looking at cars generally but it’s not on their daily agenda.

He says they’ll always follow up on intelligence provided to them. They’ll also stop drivers to discuss the safety of their vehicle, and that can sometimes bring up questions about drink driving.

Colin says there’s a misconception that people who do drink drive do it in the evening. But recent convictions of islanders indicated that’s not the case, with several arrests being made in the morning and afternoon.