Unusual Condition For Town Hall Planning Application

town hall treeCouncillors have imposed an unusual condition on their own application for listed building consent.

They want a tree growing out of the gutter of the Town Hall removed.

The actual proposal, to install two new air conditioning units on the roof of the Town Hall, wasn’t controversial.

Planning Officer Lisa Walton said the equipment, which is needed to cool a new computer server room, wouldn’t be visible and could easily be removed in the future without harming the Grade II listed building.

And she assured councillors that they would be quieter than the current ventilation system on the ground floor of the building.

The Council had received a letter from the owner of a neighbouring property in Spanish Ledge asking why no noise assessment survey was being made as part of the application.

But Council Chairman Amanda Martin saw an opportunity to fix something that had been irritating her for some time.

She would only propose the scheme on the condition that “someone removes the tree growing out of the gutter.”

Cllr Martin said she’d asked for it to be removed “on many occasions.”

Chairman of Planning Gaz O’Neill said he “thought it was the official Christmas tree.”

The proposal was seconded by Cllr Gordon Bilsborough and the application was accepted.

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