‘Location Is Key’ For Youngsters’ Social Space

play park from BuzzaOne year after Scilly’s students voted for their own social meeting space, the future of the project is unclear.

The Council is still discussing the pupils’ request for a youth shelter.

Back in March 2014, the Islands’ Members of Youth Parliament, MYP Zoe Jenkins and deputy Inca Reynolds, shared the results of a pupils’ poll, which revealed that under 16s wanted a place in which they could “chill out” away from adult supervision.

The MYPs found companies who would provide the shed and sourced prices and designs for a basic wooden building.

They proposed placing a structure similar to The Strand Shelter and without rooms and doors, and they wanted to place it on the green space just before the play park, under Buzza Hill.

Student Council members met with planning officers and letters were sent to inform nearby residents and holiday let owners of the students’ project.

But Zoe tells Radio Scilly that responses to the mailing were mixed. Whilst some people were highly supportive a few respondents outlined concerns that the new building would impact on the view.

Since then the project appears to have stalled.

Cllr Christine Savill says the Children Services team hope to work with the student council to provide the facility and Chris praised the work already done by the MYPs.

But she warns that the location of the proposed shelter is key to its success. Planning staff will meet with councillors and students in May for more discussions.

Whether the shelter will be ready for the 2015 school summer holidays remains uncertain.

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