Scilly’s Bid For Second LAG Funding Rejected

local action group bannerThe Local Action Group project is over.

The Council’s Economic Development Department’s plans for a second LAG funding scheme have been dashed after the EU rejected a bid for the required grant money.

Last August the Council appointed a group of Town Hall staff, community and business representatives to the panel.

The Authority had hoped that up to £4million would be made available.

£2.25m of European funding was awarded to business and community projects during the first LAG programme.

It part-funded projects as diverse as the Normandy swimming pool, an electric vehicle for Island Carriers and a bottling unit for the Ales of Scilly brewery.

At the end of the last programme, evaluator Brenda Graham asked islanders to share their experiences of the LAG scheme.

But the Council says that there were concerns over the potential for conflicts of interest within a small community and the size of the Scilly project.

The EU has since changed the rules that mean only communities with over 10,000 people may now apply.

The Council says they appealed the first decision to reject the bid. That failed.

They’re now asking the government whether a different source of grants may be available.

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