Praise For New Openness Over Cost Of Direct Labour Force

town hall 8A councillor has praised the authority’s accountants for revealing the cost of the Direct Labour Force, which he says he’s been trying to find out for a decade.

The DLF, which has recently changed it’s name to Operational Services, carries out a range of Council functions including road maintenance, waste removal, ground work and sewer repairs.

But at the recent General Purposes Committee meeting, Cllr Richard McCarthy finally got to find out how much these services actually cost the Council.

It was £356,000 in the 2013/14 budget year.

Richard blamed “the previous regime that was managing the Town Hall” for deliberately concealing the information.

“It was a shambles,” said Richard

He said he’d tried repeatedly to get the data for the ten years he’d been a councillor and he thanked finance officers for including it in this year’s accounts.

Richard said it was actually frustrating for the DLF themselves.

He felt they’d lost work in the past because other departments didn’t know the cost of the services they offered, so had given contracts to external contractors.

And the DLF isn’t just getting a new name.

Minutes from the Policy and Resources Committee meeting in December reveal that Council Chairman Amanda Martin want them to get smart new uniforms, so they can be easily identified as Council employees.

Mainland authorities often have logoed up staff for public relations purposes.

Cllr Adrian Davis also wants any new vehicles to be emblazoned with the Council’s logo.