Ennor Close Properties To Receive A Makeover

old town bay dry stone wallCouncil-owned properties on Ennor close are to get an external makeover.

The changes are being carried out following repairs to the outside of the two houses and the block of six flats in the street.

They’ll be getting a fresh coat of magnolia paint and the uPVC cladding will be replaced with cedar wood.

At last week’s Planning Committee, Council Chairman Amanda Martin said: “Anything that can be done to improve the appearance of these houses should be done.”

But she warned that several times in the past, the Council had approved similar work on it’s housing stock, but it had “dragged on.”

Work started this week on similar improvements to Porthcressa Flats. But that scheme took three years to reach this stage, after the work was retendered three times.

Amanda told the officers she wanted a target date set for completion of the Ennor Close work.