Cornish Cycle Holiday Company Returning To Scilly

cornish cycle toursA mainland cycling holiday operator is returning to Scilly this year after a successful first run in 2014.

Lanyon Rowe from Cornish Cycle Tours included three days in Scilly as part of two of their Cornish trips last year.

And he said they proved to be very popular with their customers.

Many went back and told friends, who have now made bookings for this year.

Lanyon said the Scilly part of trip gave a chance for the cyclists to relax after the hilly terrain in Cornwall.

He said they appreciated the peace and tranquillity in the islands, and the lack of traffic.

Most of Lanyon’s clients are European, with a few Americans and Australians.

In fact, one Australian couple were so impressed that they’ve booked their entire cycle club, with 24 members, onto one of this year’s tours.

In total around 50 people booked on the tours last year, but Lanyon says he’s hoping to beat that this year.

He’s also looking to run extra tours and possibly extend the time spent in the islands.

The activity could be a good way to extend the season in Scilly, with first group is due to arrive this month and the second tour taking place in October.

You can find out more at Cornish Cycle Tours.