Work Starts On Improvements To Local Eyesore

Porthcressa Flats

Porthcressa Flats

Local eyesore Porthcressa Flats is finally to receive its long promised makeover.

St Mary’s-based building firm Wright Construction has started work this week on the scheme to refurbish the exterior of the Council-owned property.

It over three years since the Community Services committee first looked at improving the outside of the seven-unit block at Porthcressa.

At the time, Council Chairman Amanda Martin described its appearance as “a disgrace.”

But when the scheme was initially put out to tender, nobody applied for the work.

It was then successfully re-tendered the following year and a mainland contractor appointed.

But after further consultation with tenants, additional improvements were agreed. Under European procurement rules, that meant the Authority to go out to tender for a third time.

This process was successfully concluded at the end of last December.

Community Services chairman Richard McCarthy said: “It’s been a long haul getting this scheme together. But when it’s finished, it should make a big difference, not just for residents of the flats themselves but to the appearance of the public realm in the Porthcressa area.”

Apart from improvements to the flats’ facade, walkways and access steps, the properties will now have their own front porches.

Residents will have to vacate their premises for a brief period during the work.

Richard says Housing Officer Ian Hamilton has visited each flat with the builder and a surveyor to ensure the tenants know exactly what works are to be undertaken and how they will be affected.

Wright Construction are aiming to finish the work by the autumn.