Scilly’s Archaeology Group Entering Second Year Of Activities

archaeology dig st martinsScilly’s archaeology group is entering its second year and founder, Cornwall-based expert Charlie Johns, says he’s been happy with how the group has progressed.

Since last March, a team of islanders has helped the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust by volunteering to remove overgrowth at historic sites.

Charlie says just walking around the off-islands, it’s easy to spot the overgrown sites that need some attention.

He says there are two sites on Gugh, including the Carn of Works, which he’d really like to focus on this year. It’s a Civil War battery that reuses an old entrance grave and he says it’s completely hidden with bracken.

As there are few residents on that island and tides restrict access, so some of the sites there can get overlooked.

Charlie says there’s no formal membership of the group and participants are informed of events through the Facebook page and email.

Group sizes have ranged from 20 to 35 people during the summer.

When the club was formed, Charlie reported that most of the attendees were retired, but he says the age profile has shifted as news of the activities has spread.