Council Raises Fees By More Than Inflation To Cover Salary Rises

town hall flowersScilly appears to have it’s own inflation rate.

Officially the cost of goods and services nationally rose by 1.3% last year.

But at Tuesday’s Policy and Resources Committee, councillors voted to increase the authority’s own fees and charges by an average of 2.2%. That’s the amount that salaries increased in the Council last year.

The rise will cover most fees, from leisure activities to street trader licences.

Cllr Richard McCarthy, who proposed the change, said the pay rise “wasn’t something the Council had done unilaterally.”

He said it was imposed on them by the Local Government Association and applied across the country.

He added they’d be “shooting themselves in the foot” if they only increased fees by the national inflation rate.

Richard also proposed rounding up, or down, the fees where possible to make them easier for the general public to understand.

Committee Chairman Gaz O’Neill said the changes were “logical” and he’d be “surprised if anybody has a problem with it.”

Earlier this month, in the Licensing meeting, where a similar increase was proposed, Cllr Christine Savill questioned the wisdom of linking fees to salary rises in the Council.

She said staff hadn’t had a salary increase at all in the past three years yet fees had still gone up in each of those years.

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