Islands’ Children Have Whale Of A Time Over Half Term

whale session Feb 2015We reported at the weekend that a whale swam within metres of Par Beach on St Martin’s.

And on Friday, there was a blue whale on Town Beach on St Mary’s… but that one wasn’t real.

The 30m long replica was made by a group of youngsters as part of the half-term activity session ‘What’s the Porpoise?’

RSPB officer Jaclyn Pearson hosted the event in order to give school pupils an understanding of whales, dolphins and cetaceans that can be seen in Scilly.

The children learned why we need to protect Scilly’s special wildlife, particularly the harbour porpoise, which is increasingly at risk from habitat degradation.

And afterwards the local children were quizzed on what they’d learned by Jaclyn.

The kids also took part in a ‘Who Wants To be A Millionaire?’ competition to further test their knowledge, and were rewarded with chocolate.