FRIST Campaigner Says Steamship Co Needs To Reveal Scillonian Replacement Plans

scillonian summer 2014Scilly’s transport campaign group FRIST says it’s time for the Steamship Company to make public details on how and when they intend to replace the Scillonian III.

Last year in the public transport forum at the Town Hall, Chief Executive of the Steamship Company Rob Goldsmith said the company will have no problems financing their next vessel.

The current ferry was launched in 1977 and if the Route Partnership plans had not failed, a purpose built new boat would have been funded, constructed and launched by now.

After the collapse of the Route Partnership plans, the Steamship Company invested £2million of their own money on an overhaul of the current boat’s engine and fittings.

FRIST’s Marian Bennett says time is moving on and people want to know what’s going to happen.

Marian says we should also find out about the financial details and the service levels expected in the future.

The Friends of Isles of Scilly Transport group claim that there is no second-hand vessel available, anywhere in the world, to replace the Scillonian III.

She says we’re moving towards a time when the Council and businesses in Scilly will expect to hear the company’s plans.

The company has declined to respond to Frist’s latest comments.

Marian says the company’s recent investment in runway hardening at Lands End was “a brilliant job” and it has made a difference in terms of increased reliability.

The company is also engaging with FRIST more, but Marian says the transport campaign group will still push for their key goals on behalf of locals and visitors.

Marian repeated FRIST’s ‘mantra’ of “affordable, reliable, all-year round transport” and she says the role of the ferry service in that shouldn’t be underestimated.

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