Scilly’s Police Sergeant Sets Date For Return To Mainland

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Sergeant Colin Taylor

Scilly’s Police Sergeant has announced that he’s working towards a leaving date of August 2016.

Traditionally the post holder of the islands’ top policing role has been on a two-year attachment form the mainland.

But, when he returns to the mainland next summer, Sgt Colin Taylor will have been in post for five years. He also served for two years as a constable in Scilly in the 90s.

Colin says that makes him the longest serving officer in a generation.

He says he won’t get any great recognition for that, but sees it as a personal “life tick” being able to spend so much time in Scilly.

Colin has agreed the date with Inspector Jean Philips on the mainland and he’s making plans for the move, which he says is still “some time away.”

He says he’s not winding down and will use his experience built up over the last three years to best effective.

Colin says the Scilly Sergeant role offers a whole wealth of valuable experiences and responsibilities not usually available to mainland-based officers of that rank.

But he feels it isn’t possible to progress any higher within the service whilst in Scilly. That’s what inevitably drives officers back to the mainland, he says.