Carn Gwaval Sports Hall ‘Shipshape’ Says Report

Sports Hall at Carn Gwaval

Sports Hall at Carn Gwaval

St Mary’s Sports Hall is “well managed” and offers a “warm welcome.”

The Council say that’s what ‘mystery shoppers’ from Quest, the UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure, have reported after a visit to the site last month.

Quest offers a range of assessments for sports facility operators across he country. Their services start at around £1,000 for a one day unannounced visit and a report on what they find.

Their Scilly report is based on a more thorough series of mystery visits.

Quest consultants reported that everything they found at the Sports Hall was “shipshape” and they say that is “a very important characteristic for a small island community.’

Cllr Richard McCarthy, who chairs the Community Services Committee, says: “It’s a worthy tribute to the hard work our staff put in.”

The inspectors went on to say that the Council reshaping has given the sports hall “a new sense of direction.”

The consultants have recommended that the Council develop a volunteering scheme at the facility and use the website to attract visiting holidaymakers to the facility.

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