Tresco Boat Service Expanding Operations

lightning boatTresco Boat Services is set to expand their operations again.

They’ve just bought the St Martin’s-based boats Lightning and Voyager from Terry Perkins.

At the start of last season, Tresco Estate also purchased the vessels of Bryher Boats, the operator of passenger services from Tresco and Bryher. That’s the boat business that has been operated by the Stedeford and Jenkins families for over half a century.

In a statement, Estate owner Robert Dorrien Smith told Radio Scilly that Tresco Boat Services will “endeavour to do our best to match Terry’s high standard of service and would like to pay tribute to his many years of dedication to providing boat services for St. Martin’s.”

Robert says that he believes it will be possible “to offer a coherent and versatile service to Bryher, Tresco and St Martin’s islanders and visitors.

“Having a larger number of boats under one roof with suitably trained and qualified Skippers presents an exciting opportunity to improve inter-island communications to everybody’s benefit.”

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