St Mary’s Harbour Work Update 20th February 2015

Radio Scilly has an update on the St Mary’s Quay works from Dale Clark, the Harbourmaster.

Dale says it has not been a great week for dredging. The barge was used as a storage platform during the week for the large wooden bog mats. Unfortunately, the dredging barge is now at Innisidgen and the forecast for the coming week is not great . Dale says that we will continue to keep a close eye on things and work when possible. They understand that a possible storage barge (for dredged material) may also be employed to assist these operations.

The jack-up barge will remain in the inner berth for the week.

The crane barge is now in Falmouth along with the tug MTS Indus. MTS Vulcan is in Newlyn. They are awaiting suitable weather for the barge to return to the islands.

At Porthloo, work is now well underway on the sea defences with the dune being built up and trenches being prepared. Work will continue throughout the week and pedestrian access is limited at certain (marked) areas due to this. The dredged material is also in place at Porthloo and they expect approx 2000tonnes still to be brought ashore.

The craft Sabrina made her last visit to St. Agnes this week and also popped into the Rechabite to collect some vehicles. Morlander will remain in the harbour throughout the week. There are no expected landing craft for the coming week.

The temporary freight office, a Portakabin, remains in place at the rear of the building and a pedestrian walkway has been established for outside the Harbour Masters office.

The Harbour team will be reinstating the “A Row” Moorings over the next week and they also hope to re-instate the moorings adjacent to the Old Quay, if weather permits.

Fenders. New wooden fenders have now been fitted by harbour staff in the middle steps.

BBS continue work in the public toilets. The ladies are currently closed due to these works however the disabled toilet and gents are open and available to members of the public. There may be disruption to the hot water supply throughout the week.

Pedestrian walkway- the sample sets of the walkway finally arrived and have been placed in the trial area for viewing. We await the return of the planning officer from leave before agreement on which sets can be ordered for use but in the meantime, work will commence on lifting the existing cobbles. This will continue throughout next week.

The post box will be transferred to the opposite of the harbour office door to allow the final section of wall from the old freight office to be demolished. Work will then commence on the base for the new check in office. Kier have been talking to the Steamship Company about the use of the temporary freight office to double up as the check in office when the Scillonian III starts on the 16th March

Dale says that the coming weeks and months the works on the quay will increase bringing with them inevitable disruption and issues for them to work around. He has asked for your assistance and patience to allow the works to progress as quickly as possible.