Old Pictures Of Scilly Requested

Radio Scilly has had an email from Angie Hurren.

“I am writing with something of a long shot in the hope your listeners may be able to help me.

My father Arthur was born on St Mary’s on 1926, the first son of Edward (‘Ted’) Watts who had a farm between Hugh Town and Old Town.
When Dad was still a relatively young man they moved to the mainland, buying a farm on the outskirts of Truro, where Dad has farmed to this day, in partnership with his son since the early 1070’s.

At the age of 88 the time has come that Dad is no longer able to live at home and is moving into full time care at a local home which specialises in Alzheimer’s care. In order to try to keep Dad’s mind active I would like to obtain copies of any old prints relative to that area from that era; having been through the family albums it seems we weren’t very good at taking pictures!

Dad maintained a lifelong love for Scilly and would jump at every opportunity to nip over, even if just for the day. As you will know there are still many Watts’s on Scilly, however over generations we have lost touch. I have very fond childhood memories of spending utopic summer holidays with relatives at Porthloo, to whom I would be dispatched along with Granny when Dad was busy on the farm. I still swim very well having learnt to swim on Porthloo and Porthcressa beach!

If anyone is able to help with any photographic memories I would be absolutely thrilled and I’m sure it would help my Dad hang on to his precious memories as this wretched Alzheimer’s disease takes hold.”

If you can help, please email Radio Scilly and we will pass on Angie’s contact details.