Donated School Equipment Starts Final Journey To Romania

Romanian Rotary Club members visiting Scilly last year.

Romanian Rotary Club members visiting Scilly last year.

The consignment of computers and donated gifts from Scilly has begun its final journey to Romania.

In November, Rotarians on the islands packed up the unwanted IT equipment from the old school at Carn Thomas for free carriage to Cornwall, courtesy of the Steamship Company.

The aid was offered following the 2012 visit to Scilly by members of the Rotary Club of Targoviste in Romania.

Transferring the goods has been an international team effort by Rotarians.

Members from across Cornwall and Plymouth have raised funds to pay for the transport and the Truro club sorted through and re-packed the donated items.

The equipment was finally loaded up on a lorry bound for Romania last Thursday.

Romanian Rotary leader Valentin Stefan says he is pleased that the kit donated by the islands’ Council is going to help support the education of young people in his old school.