New Addition To Islands’ Church Of England Team

eileen martinThere’s a new addition to Scilly’s Church of England team.

Last summer, Eileen Martin moved to St Mary’s from Dorset. Eileen is a retired primary school head teacher and was ordained as a Deacon in Salisbury Cathedral in 2003, after people from that community were approached by the Diocese of Salisbury.

Eileen says that some islanders have learned about her previous role and she would be happy to assist Canon Miller, if she can.

She worked as an unpaid Deacon within a ‘benefice’ of six churches in villages near Sherborne and feels that her greatest skills are with people. She worked closely with elderly residents who couldn’t get to church.

Deacons, she says, often act as a bridge between the church and the community.

Elaine says she doesn’t want to take on regular commitments that will prevent her attending worship with her husband. She says that proved difficult when back in Dorset, although she is interested in occasionally taking the Epilogue at the Old Town Church.

And she’s keen not to stand in the way of younger islanders.

Although Eileen is ordained within the Church of England, she hasn’t been able to take services immediately. There’s been quite a bit of paperwork passing between the Diocese of Truro and Salisbury. Truro had to get all the details from her previous area and organise child-safeguarding checks.

Eileen says she’s looking forward to the quieter months of her first winter as a resident. She’s been coming to Scilly for years, but her property purchase was unexpected.

She was on holiday on Tresco when she travelled with her husband Ivor to St Mary’s to buy some wellies. Whilst in Hugh Town, they saw an advertisement for a house and their offer was accepted within a week.

Eileen says they proved to be the most expensive pair of wellies she’s come across!