Contractors Confirm Delay To St Mary’s Quay Work

quay works 2014Construction work to widen the access to St Mary’s quay will now continue into the main season.

But Kier Construction say that they will, “work with the project team and the community to seek to minimise the impact of this element of the works, mindful of the needs of the Island to function as a visitor location.”

The delay to the widening work comes after heavy contamination was uncovered in sand and silt between Rat Island and the seawall opposite The Mermaid.

There’s been concern that the pollution of hydrocarbons and heavy metals could potentially affect sea life if the marine sediment in the sand is disturbed.

Kier has started to develop an alternative foundation design but that requires an amendment to their licence from the Marine Management Organisation.

Kier say that the programme for that stage of construction is now unlikely to start until the end of April and should be completed by the end of 2015.

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