Update on the St Marys Quay Extension Works: From Kier Construction

Pre-casting works on the Quay Extension concrete blocks is continuing in Plymouth.

Dredging work continues and they have now reached the bed rock and this is being broken out with a rock wheel. This is proving to be a slow process, and in order to maximise weather windows and minimise any delay, Kier are mobilising additional resources and plant in order to work 24hrs, subject to necessary approvals. They say that they will seek to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

Dredged material will be delivered to Porthloo beach via landing craft and also using a flattop barge. The vessel will be beached on Porthmellon and then offloaded into forward tipping dumpers and transported to Porthloo by road. Both beaches need to be used, as there are tidal restrictions to the times that Porthloo can be accessed.

Following the dredging, a guide frame will be installed on the sea bed and concreted in place. Concrete will be batched at Parting Carn Farm. That’s the old Lagan’s site. The concrete will be delivered to the end of the quay using 5m3 concrete mixers.

The jack-up barge is due into St Mary’s harbour early next week and will sit inside the commercial berth close to the old quay. The crane barge will follow within days, after which the crane can be transferred onto the barge and the flattop towed to Plymouth.

The jack up will be assisted at all times by the MTS Vulcan 2 tug. She will be left within the inner harbour along the old quay until the dredging operation has been completed . When that work is done, she will be towed into position on the outside of the commercial berth, parallel to the new extension. That means the vessel won’t block the berthing of the Gry and the Scillonian when her season recommences.

Harbourside building refurbishment works:

The old ticket office has now been removed. The construction of the new ticket office will commence towards the end of the month. This has required structural re-design to ensure compliance with current construction regulations. As soon as this is complete and approved by the Mace Project Manager, construction can begin. Provision will be made for a temporary ticket office prior to the Scillonian recommencing her schedule in mid-March.

Kier intend to construct the foundations for the new covered walkway by the end of March and to follow with the walkway in April.

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