Council’s Senior Manager For Finance Resigns

town hall windows signThe Council’s Senior Manager for Finance and Resources has quit after just seven months in the job.

Although the news of the resignation filtered out of the Town Hall last week, councillors were only informed yesterday in an email from the Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, Gaz O’Neill.

He told members Laura Roberts was moving for personal reasons and that it was not sustainable for her to remain on Scilly.

The authority is currently setting budgets and Council Tax for the new financial year and councillors have heard that the Finance Department is being “stretched.”

Some councillors have raised concerns recently that committees aren’t being provided with the detail that they need in order to make decisions.

At last week’s Children and Young People meeting, Cllr Fran Grottick declared that she couldn’t understand an agenda item because she didn’t have the finance information she required.

And at yesterday’s Community Services Committee, Cllr Colin Daly voiced his dissatisfaction that he’s not seen any details of the £500,000 savings that Chief Executive Theo Leijser claims to have found after his controversial redundancy and reorganisation programme at the Town Hall.

We asked the Council press office whether the departure will impact on the authority’s ability to agree the budget and Council Tax.

They said the Council, “has a duty to deliver on its financial obligations and will secure the relevant and appropriate resources to do so.”

Cllr O’Neill says the Council is putting a transition plan in place and will commence recruitment as soon as possible.

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