Council Agrees Polling Stations In Scilly Following Review

polling stationCouncillors have agreed to change the location of the polling station on St Agnes and St Martin’s to the new community halls.

Both had previously been used for voting but had undergone significant refurbishments and rebuilding over the past two years.

It follows a review of polling places in Scilly, which looked at whether they meet the needs of local voters, including access for those with disabilities.

Administration Officer Sue Pritchard said Scilly was lucky to have five clearly defined parishes bounded by the inhabited islands themselves.

Her report said that all facilities used for voting in Scilly, with the exception of the Town Hall on St Mary’s, were now new builds, and they hadn’t identified any problems for those with limited mobility.

Councillor Richard McCarthy said he’d recently voted in the new Islands Hall on St Agnes. He said although it’s not as central as the Reading Room, which was used temporarily, it was nice “not get wet, because there’s a roof on it.”

And he felt the new facility would allow staff, who have to work there for twelve hours on polling day, to make a nice sandwich and a cup of tea.