Call To Mark 200th Anniversary Of Scilly’s Coastguard Tower Role

telegraph tower 3A semaphore station could be set up in Scilly to mark an historic island anniversary.

It’s 200 years since the Coastguard Tower at Telegraph was first used to signal to vessels at sea.

Now, leaseholder of the historic landmark, Peter Laverock, says he’d welcome locals’ suggestions on how to remember the occasion.

The flag-based message system wasn’t a success because the markers only had a six-mile reach and fog was a problem then, as it is today.

But Peter says he’d like to celebrate the first of many communication uses of the building and he’s suggesting setting up a replica semaphore station.

And he says visitors and locals could use a semaphore codebook to decode messages being sent from the tower.

The tower was later used by pioneering radio engineer Marconi for his experiments.

He received funding from the Admiralty and Edward VII visited Scilly to view progress in radio communication.

Peter says he thinks more could be done to mark Scilly’s part in this.

In 2013, Coastwatch volunteers used to top floor as a base for monitoring the waters around the islands.

Peter says he’d welcome them back but he’d urge them to scale back plans and focus on specific events like Gig Weekend, yacht races or interisland swims.