No Budget For Skin Cancer Campaign In Scilly

town hall 11A health campaign to warn islanders about the risk of skin cancer can’t be run in Scilly because there’s not enough money to do it.

Scilly has one of the highest skin cancer rates in Britain and the ‘Sun Safe’ programme, is meant to alert people to the dangers of overexposure to sun.

Aisling Hick, the Council officer in charge of Community services for the islands told the recent Health and Wellbeing meeting that, “it’s the one piece of public health responsibility that we have to deliver locally.”

She said the authority wanted to run the skin cancer campaign but couldn’t, because it would have “almost blown the budget” to use the mainland organisation that had been commissioned to do it by the NHS’s regional Health Promotion Service.

Aisling said many staff based in Scilly could actually do the health promotion work instead and she’d like to focus efforts on developing people here to do that.

The manager of Scilly’s health watchdog Carol Clarke also urged caution over contracting out any more public health services from the NHS to outside bodies.

Carol said many of the services being outsourced in Cornwall are not being offered in Scilly.

She says when they get picked up by third party organisations, “that’s where we fall off the edge” and “we never see them.”

Carol says she’s happy that public health has been brought back under local authority control following recent changes in government legislation.

She says it will give Scilly’s Council “a whole load more control” and deliver “more bang for the buck.”

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