Changes For Theatre Club Venue Caused By Inspection

town hall interiorThe One Act Play Festival won’t be held in the Town Hall this year. And there’s uncertainty over whether the Theatre Club’s summer play will be staged there too.

The Council says they need to undertake a survey of the lifting and mechanical equipment used with the theatre installation.

It follows advice from a theatre rigging inspector from the Hall For Cornwall. It is not possible to do these checks without taking the area out of use for a short period of time.

Jenny Byers has advised Theatre Club members that the length of works means that the summer play “might be on the back burner.”

Club members have previously suggested using the school theatre could be used, but keeping a permanent set up for three months would clash with school projects and Jenny says the cost is too expensive.

Jenny suggests a solution of performing the winning one-act play as a properly staged production instead of a script reading. They’ll probably use one of the smaller halls rather than the parish church.

The One Act Play Festival is scheduled for Sunday May 10th.

The Council say the Theatre Club has used the Town Hall for many years and they hope that this relationship will continue.

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